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Abby's Theatre and Dance Academy is a place to express yourself and enjoy acting, dancing and learning in a fun and creative environment.



Classes are lively, energetic and all about having fun and building friendships. We teach in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere where students can express themselves and grow in confidence.



ATDA follows the Northern Counties syllabus and offer students the opportunity to take exams and progress through awards and medal tests in ballet, tap, stage and drama. Although exams are important and give students something to work hard for, we understand that they are not for everyone and are therefore offered only as an option to the other opportunities we provide..

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About Abby

Abby has trained extensively in dance since the age of 4 and has attained N.C.D.T.A qualifications in Tap, Modern Stage and Freestyle alongside I.D.T.A qualifications in ballet. Abby holds a degree in English Literature from Newcastle University and two

associate level dance teacher qualifications in Tap and Modern Stage with the Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association. She continuously undergoes professional training at Art of Dance and Fitness by Suzanne Stewart. Abby pursues further qualifications to ensure her teaching and knowledge is to the highest possible standard.



Alongside Abby's training in dance she also has vast knowledge of drama and theatre studies receiving awards for her skill and dedication to the Arts. She has a wealth of experience teaching all ages from toddlers to adults and holds all appropriate DBS, insurance and first aid training.



Above all Abby is passionate about the arts and strives to pass on her experience and enthusiasm to her students.

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