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'Both of my children, aged 5 and 9, have attended Abby's Academy since its opening.  Over the past 2 years their love of dance, their skills and their performance ability has rocketed! They loved the exams and presentations, and the annual shows have been amazing. There is no feeling like seeing your little one bursting with confidence on a big stage! They look forward to their classes each week and have made some great friends as well as some priceless memories! Abby is a wonderful teacher, always has a huge smile on her face and brings out the best in all her pupils. I am proud to say my children are part of her fabulous academy!'

Lisa Heatherington – Primary Teacher

'I attend Abby's Thursday Hip Pop class. I like it because it's really fun and everyone joins in. I love doing the shows, especially the costumes! 

I like practising our dances for the exams and have three trophies now!'

Marissa Tindle-Nixon 

Age 11


'I like going dancing because you can move up dance classes and you can go on the stage with lots of people watching me in beautiful costumes.'

Martha Coates

Age 5


'ATDA is a place an amazing  place to feel happy enjoy yourself and smile. As soon as I walk into class I see everyone smiling and laughing with friends but the biggest smiles here are always Abby and Emily they never have a dull moment in dance and they are always smiling and laughing and coming up with new dance ideas every session. This is my favourite place to be and everyone is just so friendly.'

Grace Stewart

Age 11




'I love that Abby teaches us lots of cool dances. I love going on stage for the shows and chatting with all my friends backstage. I can make new friends too!'

Camille Tullock

Age 6



'Abby has successfully delivered extra curricular drama and dance clubs to both KS1 and KS2. Her talent and passion for the arts is apparent from the quality of her teaching and from the energy and enthusiasm she brings to each session. She has inspired our children who eagerly look forward to their weekly sessions and end of term performances. I have found Abby to be highly professional, well organised and reliable and would strongly recommend her work to others.'

Michelle Walker

Music & Artsmark Coordinator at Burnside Primary School.

'My daughter has attended drama for the last 2 years and I can honestly say she loves it. The drama classes are a perfect mix of dance, singing, expression and lots of fun and socialising with peers. There are a lot of opportunities provided through the classes, such as working towards accreditation and taking part in shows; this further aids the children’s development and creates some fantastic experiences. This being said the focus always remains on the children having fun, and individual children are offered the freedom to develop at their own pace; there is never pressure, only encouragement. Abby is warm and gentle with the children and works tirelessly to provide a range of classes that are suitable for all children. Abby brings energy and enthusiasm to every session, every class is valued equally by her and there is an obvious effort to get to know each child individually. I would not hesitate in recommending Abby’s Theatre and Dance Academy.'

-Kris Koth, Mum of Isla aged 3.

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